Wednesday, January 23, 2013


 {first unfold}
 {all the way open}
{close-up flap}

working paper

All of our unit assessments are given online, so we really have to teach the kids to show their work on 'working paper.'  We stress that the use of working paper is two-fold.  It is a thinking space, above all, but it is also a back-up plan if the computer locks up and/or loses a test.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

whole numbers

12-13 cover and title page

 this is the cover and title page my 2012-2013 school year important book.  the journal was purchased from Michael's craft store.


One of my kiddos gave me this patterned duct tape at the beginning of the year.  I thought my sequences page was the perfect opportunity to use it!

perfect squares



As much as i would like for my posts to be chronological, i am far too impatient for that {sorry}. 

if you have just arrived at this blog, please check out my foldables blog for an overview of my Math Important Book project for background information. 

we added this one recently in our study of fractions.

Monday, January 21, 2013

original debut

i originally debuted my math important book over on my "i've got a foldable for that" blog. 

the Math Important Book has gone better than expected, so i am finding that i want to post about the pages i add to my book and some of the creative pages my kids are creating, but i didn't feel like i should be putting those on my foldable blog, so i have decided that my Math Important Book is important enough for its own blog :)

and so it begins...

Last holiday break when i was reading Margaret Wise Brown's The Important Book to my son I could barely concentrate on the story because of the thoughts of incorporating a MATH important book in my classroom.  I'm sure he wondered what on earth was wrong with me as i fumbled through reading!

If you have never read Margaret Wise Brown's The Important Book, i would suggest doing that first as it will make what follows make a lot more sense!